Peaky Blinders recap: series five finale – is it curtains for Tommy Shelby?
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Related: Peaky Blinders pulled the same trick far too often. As Tommy pondered on her impending resignation, the clip continued as he then took out a new document from his desk, revealing his plans to set up a rest home for men who were "damaged or shell-shocked" in France. Related: Peaky Blinders season 6 — everything you need to know.

Of course, viewers will know that things later went terribly wrong in the series finale after Michael made a failed attempt at taking over the Shelby business at the start of the episode, before someone later double-crossed Tommy and ruined his plan to assassinate Oswald Mosley Sam Claflin. This isn't the only scene to be cut from the fifth season either, as director Anthony Byrne recently confirmed they cut scenes from the finale which revealed exactly who betrayed Tommy Shelby during the assassination attempt at Oswald Mosley's rally. We actually cut stuff around that end section to make it more oblique.

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Pre-Order Now. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Peaky Blinders. Thomas ensures his own safety by telling Campbell that if he is taken into police custody, the guns will be dropped off at Liverpool, brought to Belfast and sold to the IRA. Campbell seemingly agrees to the deal, and Thomas leaves after making a snide remark at Campbell's deferment from the war.

One night, while in the throes of a nightmare, Curly wakes Thomas up and tells Thomas that the horse he bought from the fair is cursed, and the curse will soon spread to the heart of the horse. After Charlie deduces that this is the work of the Lee family, Thomas shoots his horse, then heads to the now-empty Garrison Pub for a drink, where he is served by Grace. He then reveals to her that, contrary to what she has said about her past, he knows she's never worked in any pub in Dublin, then goes on to incorrectly guess that she was a pregnant runaway, but promises Grace to keep it a secret.

The Shelby brothers, and Thomas in particular, receive the wrath of Billy Kimber, who accuses Thomas of fixing the races, and subsequently threatens to shoot them. Thomas, however, politely offers to strike a deal with him; given that both Thomas and Billy Kimber are at war with the Lee family, Thomas proposes to work with Billy Kimber to beat the Lee family to both their advantages. Though Kimber doesn't accept their offer immediately, they come to a truce because of Thomas's overly respectful appearance.

The following day, Grace asks Thomas for two more shillings to pay for her dress; he tells her to buy something coloured red. Thomas confronts Freddie Thorne — who still hasn't left the city — telling him that his marriage to Ada will not last. Meanwhile Sergeant Moss threatens Thomas, telling him that Ada will be thrown in jail for sedition if Thomas does not deliver Freddie to the police.

Thomas has another nightmare of the war, and the next day heads to Cheltenham with Grace. After taking back Kimber's money from the Lees, he makes a deal with Kimber, offering members of the Peaky Blinders to be used as security for Kimber. Kimber agrees, on the condition that he gets to spend a few hours with Grace. Initially Thomas agrees, but he heads to Kimber's mansion and interrupts them, lying to Kimber that Grace has the clap, thereby saving her. Upon re-arriving at the home, Thomas and his family find the place trashed, and they find wire cutters, indicating that somewhere a hand grenade is hidden.

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He saves Finn and throws the grenade, and tells Finn to never pretend to be him, as his life is in constant danger. He also offers her a job and compliments her, telling her she has an air of class, and he kisses her.

He threatens Thomas, so Thomas admits that he has the stolen machine guns, but that he will sell them to him for the right price. Thomas later tells Inspector Campbell of Malacki's situation and makes a deal so that he can give Byrne to the police.

Malacki and Maguire enter the pub, where Grace is hidden at the back with a gun. Thomas speaks with them, and they tell him that they will kill him. Grace reveals herself and shoots Maguire dead, while Thomas fights with Malacki until finally killing him.

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The Peaky Blinders were an urban street gang based in Birmingham, England, that operated from the end of the 19th century, and after the First World War. 1 day ago Peaky Blinders season 6's release is what fans are looking forward to now that season 5 has come and gone. Peaky Blinders stars Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby, a politician and the leader of a Birmingham crime family. Peaky Blinders season 5 shows Tommy struggling with memories of.

The police enter far later than they had promised to Thomas, and take away the bodies. Billy Kimber manages to shoot Thomas in the chest, but Thomas is able to shoot him in the head, killing him instantly and ending the short war between the two gangs. Thomas writes a letter to Grace telling her that he will give her his decision whether or not to leave the city with her in three days.

Thomas, along with his aunt Polly, find The Garrison Pub destroyed as a result of bombs with confetti. He is told by them that he is to carry out an assassination.

Thomas Shelby

Thomas calls a family meeting, informing everyone that he is planning on expanding the family business to London. Having saved him earlier from Sabini's men, Inspector Campbell meets Thomas in the hospital, where he further threatens him. Thomas discharges himself out of the hospital, and with the medical help of Curly , heads to Camden Town to meet with Alfie Solomons. Upon his return, he informs Ada that he bought her a house in London, and proceeds to buy Polly Shelby another house in Birmingham, as her birthday present.

Thomas writes a letter to Campbell's handler Winston Churchill , asking for an export licence in return for going along with Campbell's plan for an assassination.

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Thomas is also able to discover what happened to Polly's children. The girl died of spring fever, but he locates the boy, Michael Gray. Thomas also receives a letter from Grace , but burns the letter before reading it. Along with his brothers John and Arthur , Thomas hires men to get themselves arrested overnight on purpose. One of their recruits is the Digbeth Kid , and the plan goes wrong when the boy gets murdered in his cell by Darby Sabini 's men.

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Thomas calls a family meeting about the incident, and informs his family of his plan to buy a racehorse, thus giving them a credible reason to infiltrate the race courses dominated by Sabini's men. At the auctions, Thomas meets the aristocratic May Carleton and sees in her an opportunity to move up in the world. Upon arrival, he realises Campbell and the pro-Treaty Irish Republicans have been working together all along. The Blinders are in need of a new accountant, and thus Thomas ends up arguing with Polly over whether or not he'll hire Michael for the job.

They eventually come to an agreement. He invites himself over to May Carleton's mansion to see just how the other half live and get a progress report on his horse. Thomas then later ends up having sex with May later that night. On Thomas's return to Birmingham he receives the details of his assignment from Campbell.

On the other end, a spiffy dude with a New York accent picks up. Not too long after, Thomas is caught by surprise when his powerbase in London is obliterated, and when his brother Arthur Shelby Jr. Thomas holds a family meeting to figure out how many losses the gang and their connections have taken due to the coppers raiding their bars and business setups. Campbell simply informs Thomas that his reason for throwing Arthur and Michael in jail was to motivate Thomas to properly carry out his task of killing Henry Russell.

Thomas takes Grace Burgess to see Charlie Chaplin in person and ends up spending the night with her, where she tells him that she has been trying to have a baby with her husband, but has fears that she may be the cause of her infertility issues. Thomas urges her to tell her husband the truth.

Thomas visits May Carleton and informs her that he can no longer continue their relationship as he still has feelings for Grace. At the races, Thomas speaks with May Carleton and informs her that they will meet when his duties are over at the end of the day. While doing business, Thomas is stopped by Grace Burgess who says she needs to speak with him as it is an important matter. Though Thomas seems slightly rushed and agitated he allows her to speak, Grace reveals that she still loves him and is pregnant, and that the child she is carrying is his.

Thomas informs her that he will come and find her after the race. Thomas enlists the help of Peaky Blinders member Lizzie Stark , to help him carry out his plan by taking Henry Russell to somewhere private at the races. Thomas is carted out to an abandoned field where he faces certain death. He faces his execution with a mixture of anger at the approaching end to his weary acceptance that death has stalked him much of his life. But after Thomas enjoys his final cigarette, one of the three would-be assassins shoots the other two in the head and leaves Thomas lying in a grave, confused and alive.

Churchill will want to speak to you in person, Mr. He has a job for you. Thomas makes an announcement that he's planning on getting married, though he does not state to whom. Thomas, Grace and Charles Shelby. Thomas is waiting for his businessman to make contact with him who we later find out are Russians and they do at his wedding. This ends with Arthur Shelby killing a man. Despite living in the country now, Thomas frequently visits his home in Birmingham city and business is good, although he has initial reservations about Arthur's wife.

When he gets a tip-off that the Priest is working for the Russian family is a double-agent, he attempts to assassinate him but is found out and attacked because of something Polly admitted in confession.