Breastfeeding Basics: Breastfeeding essentials for new mothers

What breastfeeding supplies do I need? (part 2)
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Break the suction carefully by gently inserting a clean finger into the corner of her mouth or by pressing on your breast near the mouth. Then begin the lip tickling anew and let her latch on again, properly with the nipple and the areola in the mouth. So instead of setting time limits on each feed, let your sweetie take her time at the breast and expect feedings to be long initially. Which means you may have to initiate — even push — at first.

Feeding patterns vary widely from baby to baby, however, so you might need to nurse a little more or less frequently. If you have a hungrier or more impatient infant on your hands, you may go little more than an hour between feedings; a more easily satisfied baby might be able to go for three-and-a-half to four hours. If you feel like you're nursing constantly, don't worry; it's temporary. As your milk supply increases and your baby gets bigger, the breaks between feedings will get longer.

Don't be concerned or surprised if your formula-feeding or supplementing friends say their newborns eat far less often.

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A good way to master the right breastfeeding balance is to nurse when your baby seems hungry. Don't wait for tears; by then, your little one may be uncomfortably hungry, especially the longer she cries. She might be tiny but she'll make her needs known by:.

Your hospital will likely teach you the basic cradle hold. But with some trial-and-error, you might find another breastfeeding position works better for you and your baby. Here's the lowdown on all the basic breastfeeding positions:. Many new nursing mothers worry at some point that baby isn't eating enough. Nervous about getting started? These tips can help give you more confidence and ensure you and baby get the most out of the experience:. Looking for breastfeeding support ahead of time? Or want help getting over a glitch? There are many breastfeeding problems experts and experienced peers can help you solve, from a poor latch to mastitis , breast engorgement and more.

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Use of this site is subject to our terms of use and privacy policy. Getting Pregnant. First Year. Baby Products. Reviewed December 8, It will also help the baby to get a correct latch. It can also be used to help prop up babies who have reflux, colic, and other tummy issues. You can use your nursing pillow for back support during the last trimester of your pregnancy. If you have a C-section, the right pillow will help to position the baby away from the incision site and make it more comfortable for you. When your baby is learning to sit up at months , you can use your nursing pillow as a support.

It offers medium-to-light firmness, and has plenty of options for machine-washable covers. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Tap to call Breastfeeding Essentials: A complete list of what you need when breastfeeding. This is the best list, written by an experienced mom! I breastfed Little J for eight months. But during those eight months, I figured out a few things that I knew I would have to have for the next time around. These breastfeeding essentials not only helped breastfeeding go better for my son, but they helped it go better for me, too!

A Notebook and Pen. From the day we got home from the hospital to the day I stopped breastfeeding, I recorded what time and for how long my son would eat. The doctor at the hospital recommended writing it down so I could make sure Little J was eating often enough, and it was really helpful! I also ended up recording when I gave him his vitamin D, when he had a bath, and how many wet and dirty diapers he had only for the first few weeks.

Breastfeeding Basics

There is a lot to remember when you have a baby so writing down how often you nurse is really helpful. And I kept my notebook on a side table next to my chair so I would always have it handy.

Breastfeeding Essentials

A Clock. Preferably a digital clock so you can be more exact, but this goes along with writing down how long your baby eats. It really helps to have a clock right there so that you can know how long your baby is eating.

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Sometimes they may eat for less and you might want to remember that so next time they can eat more. You can also use the clock on your phone or tablet or whatever if you want. Lanolin Nipple Cream. There are few things worse than a dry, cracked nipple, and lanolin really helps when nothing else will. Nursing Bras. You definitely want to invest in a nice nursing bra or two. I actually got a cotton one and then a regular underwire one so that I had one to sleep in and one that was more supportive during the day.

As long as your baby is nursing through the night, you will want to sleep in a nursing bra, and having the cotton one is much more comfortable than an underwire one at night.

A Nursing Cover

You can read more about how to choose a nursing bra here. Nursing Pads. When you breastfeed your baby, you will leak.

Benefits of Enrolling in an Online Breastfeeding Classes

Nursing pads are absorbent little pads that you just stick inside your bra and they save you from embarrassing leaks. I started out with some cute washable ones to save money, but after only a few weeks, they were not absorbent at all and would be soaked through after just a few feedings. I switched to the Babies R Us disposable nursing pads and they worked like a charm throughout the rest of the time I was nursing Little J.

Anyway, these are definitely essential.

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They make it look so easy, those breastfeeding moms you've seen. IQ before you start nursing, take this mini-course in breastfeeding basics. First, it's essential to know a good latch, since improper latching is the most. To help you get started, we recommend adding breastfeeding basics like a breast pump, nipple cream and a nursing pillow to your registry.

A Comfy Chair. A few months before Little J was born we bought a new couch and recliner set and they were so comfortable. It was so comfortable and made nursing really comfortable for me. The few times we would travel and stay with family, I would have to nurse him while sitting in bed and no amount of pillows would prevent the backache that came with nursing in bed.

Even in the hospital when I tried nursing him in the chair there it was difficult. So I am a strong advocate of having a comfy chair to nurse your baby in. Having the comfy chair really is for your benefit and it helps you enjoy breastfeeding and not get backaches. A Tablet. Nursing can take anywhere from minutes especially in the beginning. And just sitting there watching them can get old, no matter how cute and precious they are.

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