Feminism and Global Chineseness: The Cultural Production of Controversial Women Authors

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Author: Robin Yates. This essential reference work provides an alphabetic listing, with an extensive index , of studies on women in China from earliest times to the present day written in Western languages, primarily English, French, German, and Italian. Containing more than citations of books, chapters in books, and articles, especially those published in the last thirty years, and more than titles of doctoral dissertations and Masters theses, it covers works written in the disciplines of anthropology and sociology; art and archaeology; demography; economics; education; fashion; film and media studies; history; interdisciplinary studies; law; literature; music; medicine, science, and technology; political science; and religion and philosophy.

It also contains many citations of studies of women in Hong Kong and Taiwan. More Options Prices excl. Add to Cart. View PDF Flyer. That is, while identity is political, politics cannot be fully understood without everyday identity-making. Her paper provides further evidence that cultural and ethnic connections and histories, networks and solidarities can be activated or deactivated by migrants.

She examines a recent urban renewal project, and questions claims that Africans were specifically targeted by the project. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Giese K Adaptation and learning among Chinese actors in Africa. Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 44 1 : 3—8. Hung H-F Orientalist knowledge and social theories: China and the European conceptions of East-West differences from to Sociological Theory 21 3 : — New York: Monthly Review Press. Li P The Chinese in Canada. Toronto: Oxford University Press. Leiden and Boston, MA: Brill. African Studies Review 56 1 : 21— African and Asian Studies 9 3 : — Pieke FN Immigrant China.

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Fruhauf, Heiner. Leiden: Centre of Non-Western Studies, Leiden: CNWS, He, Li. Geremie Barme. Huang, Guiyou. Whitmanism, Imagism, and Modernism in China and America. Selingsgrove, Pa. Huot, Claire. Durham: Duke University Press, , Bloomington: Indiana UP, , Ku, Tim-hung.

Kwan-Terry, John. Jenner, W. Kubin and R. Aarhus: Aarhus UP, , London: Hurst, ]. Ideas Across Cultures. Leung, Ping-kwan. Lo, Kwai-cheung. Lu, Sheldon H. Lupke, Christopher. Macdonald, Sean. Indeed, it is suggested that this debate represented an important discussion of ideas that were in the air in s Shanghai, and a very significant theoretical parallel to the emergence of New Sensationist and early modernist fiction in China—from the author].

Mak, Anthony Wan-hoi. University of Toronto, Malmqvist, Goran. Guest Editor Eric Hayot. Pollard, David. Qian, Zhaoming. Riep, Steven L. Rosenmeier, Christopher.

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Xu, Gang Gary. Huang, Hsinya. The volume also presents rich, empirical evidence of every-day queer lives across China, offering a unique record not only of cosmopolitan community and activist perspectives but also of voices and experiences from a broad range of locations and identifications. Women Writers in Postsocialist China. Shanqi was a descendant of Hooge , the eldest son of Hong Taiji the second ruler of the Qing dynasty. Taking into account the campaigns of violence and brutality that have rocked generations of Chinese—often in the name of enlightenment, rationality, and utopian plenitude—this book places its arguments along two related axes: history and representation, modernity and monstrosity. With this in mind the book will appeal to students and scholars of Chinese and comparative literature as well as those interested in Chinese society more widely.

Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, This groundbreaking book, the first book-length study of Xu Xu and Wumingshi in English or any other western language, re-establishes their importance within the popular Chinese literature of the s. With in-depth analyses of their innovative short stories and novels, Christopher Rosenmeier demonstrates how these important writers incorporated and adapted narrative techniques from Shanghai modernist writers like Shi Zhecun and Mu Shiying, contesting the view that modernism had little lasting impact in China and firmly positioning these two figures within the literature of their times.

Trappl, Richard. Bratislava: Veda, , Trumbull, Randolph. The Shanghai Modernists. Stanford University, Wang, Rujie. Wang, Yiyan. Xu, Jingya.

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Ng Mau-sang. Zhang, Chunjie, ed. Composing Modernist Connections in China and Europe.

A Bibliography of Studies in Western Languages

ycimihekin.tk: Feminism and Global Chineseness: The Cultural Production of Controversial Women Authors (): Aijun Zhu: Books. Reviews. "Aijun Zhu's well-crafted book Feminism and Global Chineseness is a feminist production of contemporary controversial women writers in different.

Routledge, This book emphasizes modernist connections within literature, culture, history, and media beyond the nation state and the bifurcation between East and West. Zhang, Yingjin. Zhang, Zao. Aarhus: Aarhus University, Los Angeles: University of Southern California, Arac, Jonathan. Cai, Rong. Cai, Yongchun and Herbert J. Postmodernism and Contemporary Chinese Avant-garde Fiction. Exhibiting strategies of anti-mainstream, anti-paradigmatic discourse these writers debunked the traditional literary conventions of a hitherto very closed Chinese society using literary modes such as metafiction, narrative strategy and postmodernist language.

This book will help its readers to understand why the Chinese avant garde were so closely related to Chinese politics, and how they played a role in bringing social and cultural change in China. With this in mind the book will appeal to students and scholars of Chinese and comparative literature as well as those interested in Chinese society more widely. Chen, Xiaoming. Durham: Duke UP, , Dai, Jinhua. Jing M. In Jenny Kwok Wah Lau, ed. Philadelphia: Temple UP, , Ding, Ersu.

Dirlik, Arif and Zhang Xudong, eds. Postmodernism and China [a special issue of Boundary 2 ]. In Xudong Zhang and Arif Dirlik, eds. Flieger, Jerry Aline. Fokkema, Douwe. But the different postmodernisms also have a common basis, which can be found at the level of unstable signification. To the author, Chinese postmodernism differs from other variants of postmodernism because of its different cultural-historical and literary-historical background.

With few exceptions, modernism was a late discovery in China. The simultaneity of modernism and postmodernism is a clue to the interpretation of Chinese fiction of the s and s. He, Guimei. NY: Palgrave MacMillan, , Jian, Guo. Jones, Andrew F. King, Anthony D. Cambridge: Harvard University Asia Center, , Kubin, Wolfgang. Liao, Chaoyang. Liao, Ping-hui. Liu, Fusheng.

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Liu, Kang. Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press, , The Debate about Modernity, Postmodernity, and Postcoloniality. Mazzilli, Mary. Saussy, Haun. Berkeley: Center for Chinese Studies, , Tang and L. Kang, eds. Wang Fengzhen. Wang, Mingxian. Xu, Ben. NY: Palgrave Macmillan, , Yeh, Michelle. Yu, Zhansui. Amherst, NY: Cambria Press, Given the remarkable achievement of the genre and its revolutionary and profound impact on Chinese literature, it has attracted much attention from the English-speaking academic world.

The existent scholarship on this subject, however, has some gaps which need to be filled. There are few book-length studies which provide a concentrated and in-depth analysis of Chinese avant-garde fiction as a literary genre; most studies tend to treat Chinese avant-garde fiction as a component of some grand cultural trends in the contemporary Chinese intellectual world. Such a sweeping historical approach overlooks the aesthetic and epistemological values of the fiction, preventing the researchers from investigating the thematic complexity and diversity and the artistic originality and appeal of the fiction.

This book examines the works of three leading writers—Su Tong, Yu Hua, and Ge Fei—and their significant contributions to the genre; this is the first in-depth, comparative study on these writers. Setting the fiction against the backdrop of long history of Chinese culture and the development of modern Chinese literature, the book also explores the changing intellectual and literary landscape and the changing paradigms of literature in modern China. Zhang, Benzi. Zhang, Xudong. Zhang, Xuejun. Zhang, Yiwu. Zhao Y. Henry Zhao Yiheng.

American Anthropological Association, , Andrews, Julia F. Madsen, and Paul G. Pickowicz, eds. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, , Bailey, Paul J. Women and Gender in Twentieth-Century China. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, Taibei: Daoxiang, Barlow, Tani, ed. Barlow, Tani. The Politics of Culture in the Shadow of Capital. Munster: Lit, , Beahan, Charlotte L. NY: Philo, Borthwick, Sally.

The Masculinity of Intellectual Men

Fung, eds. NY: University Press of America, , Brownell, Susan and Jeffrey N. Chan, Mimi. Chan, Shelley W. Chen, Peng-hisang and Whitney Crothers Dilley, eds. Amsterdam,: Rodopi, , Wien: Ludwig Bolzmann Institut fur China, , Cheung, Fanny M. Mainstreaming Gender in Hong Kong. Chiang, Howard, ed. Sexuality in China: Histories of Power and Pleasure. The answer depends, of course, on who was having sex, where they were located in time and place, and what kind of familial, social, and political structures they participated in.

Following a loose chronological sequence, the chapters examine revealing historical moments in which human desire and power dynamics came into play. Collectively, the contributors undertake a necessary historiographic intervention by reconsidering Western categorizations and exploring Chinese understandings of sexuality and erotic orientation. The contributors are Peter J.

Carroll, Mirela David, Paul R. Chiang, William Wei. Chien, Ying-ying. Chin, Carol C. China for Women: Travel and Culture.

NY: Feminist Press, Chiu, Kuei fen. Chou, Katherine Hui-ling. New York University, Minneapolis: U. Chung, Hilary. New York and London: RoutledgeCurzon, , Paris: College de France, , Chung, Ling. Cini, Francesca. Collins, Leslie. New Haven: Yale University, Croll, Elisabeth J. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, , Damm, Jens.

Contemporary women writers and feminism in india (WS)

Berlin Free University. Decker, Margeret. Diamond, Norma. Donald, Stephanie Hemelryk and Yi Zheng. Dooling, Amy D. NY: Columbia University, NY: Palgrave MacMillan, It accentuates both well-known and under-represented literary voices who intervened in the gender debates of their generation as well as contextualises the stategies used in imagining alternative stories of female experience and potential. Duke, Michael, ed. Edwards, Louise. Dress, Sex and Text in Chinese Culture.

Clayton, Australia: Monash Asia Institute, , Evans, Harriet. NY: Continuum, Feeley, Jennifer. It shows how these texts are integral in shaping the early poetic output of Zhai and Lu, who further recontextualize Plath through their own poetry, revealing how Plath has been understood, evaluated, and transformed in contemporary China.

Ferry, Megan. Louis: Washington University, Rpt in Jie Lu, ed. NY: Routledge, , Amherst, NY: Cambria, It employs media analysis to examine the way paratexts create and reproduce gendered norms, especially through persistent material and discursive mechanisms that framed women authors and their textual production.

Finnane, Antonie and Anne McLaren, eds. Clayton, Australia: Monash Institute, Fiss, Geraldine. Gerstlacher, Anna, et al, eds. Women and Literature in China. Gilmartin, Christina, et. Engendering China: Women, Culture, and the State. Glosser, Susan L. Goodman, Bryna. Goodman, Bryna and Wendy Larson, eds. Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, Guo, Shumei. Haddon, Rosemary.

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Zurndorfer, eds. Its focus is on the fraught and momentous woman question, which foregrounded the cultural paradoxes and political aspirations that define the era. Judge probes Chinese approaches to their own past and the modern West mediated via Japan through close examination of the varied cultural and political uses of female biography—a genre with a 2,year history in China and a new political salience in the early twentieth century.

Judge cogently maps these various approaches and establishes a new hermeneutics of historical change. Kao, Hsin-sheng C. Karl, Rebecca E.. Karl and Peter Zarrow, eds. Kwok, Pui-lan. Chinese Women and Christianity, Atlanta: Scholars Press, Lan, Hua and Vanessa Fong, guest eds. Women in Republican China: A Sourcebook. Women and Writing in Modern China. In Corinne H. Dale, ed. Lee, Mabel.

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Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, Lin, Shuming and He Songyu. Liou, Liang-ya. Hawley ed. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, Liu, Jen-Peng. Liu, Lydia. They then present annotated translations of six of her major essays, as well as two foundational tracts by her male contemporaries, Jin Tianhe and Liang Qichao ? Jin, a poet and educator, and Liang, a philosopher and journalist, understood feminism as a paternalistic cause that liberals like themselves should defend. He-Yin presents an alternative conception that draws upon anarchism and other radical trends.

Lo, Kwai-Cheung. Lo, Man-wa. Louie, Kam. Louie, Kam and Morris Low, eds. NY, London: RoutledgeCurzon, Their writings are characterized by an unabashed, unprecedented foregrounding of female sexuality. The initial core group of beauty writers has made a large impact on other aspiring female writers eager to explore and expose their sensuality and sexuality.

The parading and pandering of female subjectivity via a body politics have become a major literary fad in contemporary mainland China. Lu, Tonglin. Luo, Suwen. Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, , Ma, Yuxin. Martin, Fran. McDougall, Bonnie S.

McLaren, Anne E. Mei Sheng, ed. Shanghai: Xin wenhua, originally published in Meng, Liansu. Meng, Yue. Barlow, ed. Meng Yue and Dai Jinhua. Fuchu lishi dibiao Emerging from the horizon of history. Henan: Henan renmin, Ono, Kazuko. Chinese Women in a Century of Revolution, Orliski, Constance. Palandri, Angela, ed. Women Writers of Twentieth-Century China. Peng, Hsiao-yen. Roberts, Rosemary. Rofel, Lisa.

Berkeley: UCP, Sang, Tze-lan D. Schaffer, Kay and Xianlin Song. Women Writers in Postsocialist China. Taking account of the accretions of social, cultural, geographic, literary, economic, and political movements and trends, cultural formations and ways of thinking, it asks how the texts and the concepts they negotiate might be understood in the social and cultural spaces within China and how they might be interpreted differently elsewhere in the global locations in which they circulate.

The book argues that women-centred writing in China has a direct bearing on global feminist theory and practice. This critical study of selected genres and writers highlights the shifts in feminist perspectives within contemporary local and global cultural landscapes. Sheng, Ying. Siu, Bobby. London: ZED Press, Smedley, Agnes. Portraits of Chinese Women in Revolution. Smith, Norman. In Manzhouguo, literature was a vital domain for the negotiation of Chinese cultural identities in a Japanese colonial context. The article reveals how they articulated dissatisfaction with the Japanese cultural agenda while working within Japanese colonial institutions.

Intellectual Men and Women in the 1980s Fiction of Huang Beijia 黄蓓佳

Song, Geng. Spakowski, Nicola. Stacy, Judith. Patriarchy and Socialist Revolution in China. Stevens, Sarah E. Bloomington: Indiana University, Teoh, Karen M. Thakur, Ravni. London: Zed Books, Tso, Sarah Yihsuan. Duke, ed. Sharpe, Inc. Wang, Jing M. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, At a time of intense political conflict, Chinese women began to write autobiography, a genre that focused on personal identity and self-exploration rather than the national, collective identity that the country was championing. The author seeks to reclaim the voices of these particular writers, voices that have been misinterpreted and overlooked for decades.

Wang reveals the factors that propelled this literary movement, the roles that liberal translators and their renditions of Western life stories played, and the way in which these women writers redefined writing and gender in the stories they told. But Wang reveals another story as well: the evolving history and identity of women in modern Chinese society. Wang, Fei. Wang, Shuzhu. Purdue University, Wang, Zheng. Wei, Yanmei. SUNY, Stonybrook, Wesoky, Sharon.