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The standard time. Recommended for treating specific pain or problems or for a full body massage experience, or both.

Improve Recovery Time & Relieve Tension

About Us Trusted Experience. Lymph is a clear fluid that carries white blood cells throughout our body, which fights infection, encourages healing, and removes excess fluid. Pregnancy Massage. Designed for treating specific pain or problems like hip or shoulder discomfort. Keep an eye out for Markus' art which can be seen and purchased at different locations in and around Pagosa Springs, Colorado. She is skilled in many types of massage and relief, and is always learning new techniques to make sure her clients are able to utilize the service that is right for them.

Designed for the individuals who want to have specific treatment and also to simply relax and de-stress. This is the ultimate massage experience. Markus Hughes is also a local artist. Find out more about his work by visiting MarkusHughes.

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We help the injured areas return to normal function by using chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic massage to return spinal segments and soft tissues to their normal mobility. Contact us to schedule your sports injury massage session today.

Butt & Hip Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Techniques w/ Tessa Canzona LMT

At MindBody Med we seek to promote the health of our community. Our Chiropractic and Massage clinic in Seattle offers drug-free solutions to your aches and pains.

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Sports massage

Newsletter Subscribe. Louis Institute for Rehabilitative and Sports Massage combines team work, education and a variety of modalities to increase comfort, enhance movement, heighten body awareness, and promote growth and self-healing.

Cindy is SafeSport Trained through USATF

What is Sports Massage Therapy? Sports massage therapy is a technique based on Western traditions. The technique largely resembles Swedish massage but. Deep tissue massage and sports massage have their roots in the same science. In fact, sports massage evolved from deep tissue techniques.

We help individuals restore the natural alignment of their muscles and skeletal system, particularly:. Our practice offers an approach and combination of modalities that are not available from other therapists in the St.

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