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They Told Their Three Sons to Stay Out of the Bedroom When the Blue Light Was On
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Challenged by Jones as to whether or not this philosophy was really feasible, and what she would say to those who might say "we're tired of going high, we want to go low," Winfrey was clear. The workers and leaders of the Civil Rights movement proved her point, she told Jones. And the young people, like the John Lewises of the world said, 'No more. Find another way,'" she told Jones, referring to civil rights icon and longtime US Rep.

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  4. Ah, ah, ah, ah, Stay in the light, Stay in the light;
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John Lewis of Georgia. Be a force for good in the world.

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Move humanity forward. Stay above the noise.

So this week, think about what you value. Think about your priorities.

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Think about how you can seek the light. Help me to lead my life with intention and with values. Want more from Maria? Get The Sunday Paper for free in your inbox each week. Yippee Moment of the Week!

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It left me weeping, but also feeling inspired by those who serve our country and their families. This is such an important message from Dr. Visit the shop on MariaShriver.

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How does one stay in the know, without getting lost in the noise? I check it during my downtime, but not all the time. I try to follow accounts that inspire me and unfollow the ones that stir up feelings of jealousy or frustration.

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