Taken By Surprise

Taken by surprise: The paradox of the surprise test revisited
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‘Cool’ father is taken by surprise by daughter in China

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14 synonyms of take by surprise from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 15 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for take by surprise. Definition of take by surprise in the Idioms Dictionary. take by surprise phrase. What does take by surprise expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom.

Maritime chaparral sometimes, but not always, succeeds coastal scrub, with its assemblage of taller species such as coffeeberry, blueblossom ceanothus, silk tassel, toyon, and Pacific wax myrtle. A broad sweep of coastal scrub or chaparral across a hillside is a uniquely Californian landscape, one in which a particular set of insects and birds rejoice. Over species of insects frequent coyote bush, for instance. Quail hide, nest, and loaf in the shrublands. For deer and elk, they provide important browse. The wrentit, the most sedentary bird species in North America, spends its whole life in coastal scrub, ranging only meters from home.

One soon learns that it is difficult to generalize about shrublands. Coyote bush can be a generous companion, leaving room for bunchgrass circles and places at the edge of the path for annual and perennial wildflowers like yerba buena, angelica, baby white eyes, paintbrush, and ruby chalice clarkia. Or it can be a space hog. On windswept, grazed coastal pastures at Bull Point, coyote bush grows only 15 inches high, with tiny leaves; its companion, the shrub lupine, is similarly dwarfed. The shrublands help us understand the specific consequences of the unique characteristics of each site.

This steep trail transitions back and forth from scrub to chaparral. On the north chaparral side is coffeeberry, along with elderberry, blueblossom, and blue bush lupine. Where the trail flattens, I discovered a new-to-me component to the coastal scrub nestled into the coyote bush: Oregon grape, with large yellow blossoms followed by showy blue berries in summer. Toward the middle of the park, Muddy Hollow shows us coyote bush dotted with cow parsnip, in full bloom in April. Other coastal scrub species—bracken fern, cucumber vine, sticky monkeyflower, native blackberry, and one lone coffeeberry—mingle with groupings of alders, elderberries, thimbleberry, and salmonberry, indicating the presence of moisture.

One dominant shrub of the maritime chaparral here is the elegant evergreen huckleberry, a plant lovely in all seasons. Its pink bell-like flowers are set off by shiny green leaves that when young are almost coral. Small blue-black berries follow, to the joy of many. It is good friends with salal, also with bell-like pink flowers, but possessing larger, dark-blue fruit, not quite as highly valued. One of the largest native bunchgrasses is found here too: Pacific reed grass, growing four feet tall and equally broad.


Fire frequently causes plants to transition from a woody series such as coastal scrub to an herbaceous series such as coastal prairie. Yet during the Vision Fire, this steep slope burned hot enough to stimulate the germination of the fire-adapted seeds of blueblossom ceanothus. The result is a conversion from the shorter coastal scrub to the taller blueblossom-dominated chaparral. Alison Forrestel, former fire ecologist for the Seashore, says that ten years after the fire, blueblosssom had increased in area by more than 4, percent.

One consequence of this shift is an intoxicating honey-sweet fragrance filling the air in spring, accompanied by a loud bee drone directed at those same blue blossoms, and the presence of larger-than-usual numbers of the strikingly-patterned ceanothus moth, whose larval caterpillar stage feeds on ceanothus leaves. Farther north, we head to the Estero Trail.

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Future Now The first pirate politician in power. Follow the Food Future Now. The awkward case of 'his or her'. So, your phone screen may not have gone well. Taken by surprise: The paradox of the surprise test revisited. A teacher announced to his pupils that on exactly one of the days of the following school week Monday through Friday he would give them a test.

From the parking lot, we see coyote bush, its green tips backlit down the hill in staggered arcs. Crossing the bridge over an inlet of Home Bay, we are rewarded by an exuberant mixture on the bluff, an unexpected combination of chaparral, scrub, woodland, and prairie species, which causes me to put an exclamation after each entry in my notes. Pacific wax myrtle! Willows follow small drainages down the slope.