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This For The Half A Golfing Miscellany
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What are the specials? Elzar : We've got a wonderful grizzly bear that's been dipped in cornmeal and lightly tormented. Amy : What was the bear's name? Elzar : Jojo.

Amy : Ooh, I'll have him. The scrap metal I'm from included a truckload of horse shoes from the luckiest racehorses in Mexico, who had just been sent to a glue factory. Fanny : They don't sound so lucky to me.

The Golf Miscellany by John White (2014, Hardcover)

Bender : Not without their shoes. Bender : I stepped on a leprechaun. Penn Jilette : Welcome viewers who fell asleep with the TV on! It's the no-limits Hold 'Em Championship. I'm the massive head of Penn Jilette and here with the color commentary, my partner Teller. Our act really didn't change much when he died. Bender : [Leaning back with eyes closed.

Leo Wong : It's a footer with a clown hazard. What club you recommend, Baggy?

Baggy : As on every hole, I suggest the putter. Leela : It's [Leo Wong's miniature golf course. I just wish Amy and I didn't have to wear these sexist badges on our melons.

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Bender : [sighs] I'll miss her, too, buddy. Published by Carlton Books Ltd Namespaces Page Discussion. Elzar : Hey, there! Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, Vintage golf ashtray in glass with plated pewter rim and golfer vignette onlaid in pewter.

Leo Wong : Oh, yeah, I love miniature gold. Love everything about it, except how damn miniature it is.

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Professor Farnsworth : Status report science officer. Bender : Zilcho. No signs of life or intelligence. Bender : Captain, I'm detecting life on the Spock -o-scope! Leela : It's amazing. It's like a textbook on evolution.

  1. Honey and Clover, Vol. 8.
  2. Match the international incident to Donald Trump's round of golf – quiz | US news | The Guardian!
  3. Tomorrows Rain.

Fry : Except in Kansas. Leo Wong : So get out, or I'll have vice-president Agnew's headless body throw you out. Leela : I'd like to see him try. President Nixon's head : Me too. Should look funny. Sic 'em, Agnew.

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"We as golfers and golf fans are passionate about the traditions of the game, and the people and places that make up its great history. The Golf Miscellany. The Golf Miscellany [John White] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. There is something for everyone in The Golf Miscellany. Now fully.

Leela : Now, unfortunately, the media is going to put a negative spin on this, like when we killed that guy, so to win public support, we'll need a lovable mascot. Zoidberg : Squirm all you want, you nasty dumpling. One less species for the universe, one more breakfast for Leela : Zoidberg? Zoidberg : Leela. Me saving things the leech.


Not the eating of it. Leela : Zoidberg, I'm very surprised at you, slightly. Leela : [to Fry] Goodbye sweet goofbag. Bender : [sighs] I'll miss her, too, buddy. Dibs on her iPod. Zoidberg : Dibs on Hutch Waterfall : You see, the fate of the universe depends on you. Fry : Yeah, I get that a lot. The following physics goofs contradict current understanding of the laws of physics and have potential explanations because our knowledge of physical laws is incomplete.

08 A Plea for Indoor Golf A Wodehouse Miscellany; Articles and Stories P G Wodehouse mp3

New inventions in the 31st century may also contribute possible explanations. That and the joke requires physics to be ignored. Would you run away? Play dead?

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This disconnect is a major motif of his nimbly curated bestiary. So is the idea that as much as we have divorced ourselves from the natural world, we cannot escape that we are of it. But this is far from a merely pretty survey of the animal kingdom. It is a book of raw spirit, a polemic against cold industrialization buttressed by Darwin, Forster, Murakami and Neruda, Audubon, Rubens and Leonardo, among many others. O wonderful! I am food!