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It is going to be up there, will be talked about and will be shortlisted by buyers but most likely it will be abandoned for some other phone in the end. But that is all in the world of online sales. Offline, it is a different story. This is something that even Yu acknowledges as its founder Rahul Sharma believes that a majority of Yunicorn sale is going to come from offline stores. And understandably so. In the last couple of years, India's phone market has seen emergence to channels -- offline and online.

Online has become hyper-competitive with phones carrying prices that are mind-bogglingly low.

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Just see the Xiaomi RedMi Note 3. This is a phone that sells for Rs 9, and yet has almost the same core hardware that you get in the Xperia X, a phone launched just couple of days ago at a price of Rs 48, But the world of offline is different. The cost of doing offline retail is higher, the seller and company relations complex and the supply chain tougher to manage.

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There is much less competition and prices have not yet reached that hyper-competitive that we see online. In fact, for consumers the offline scene is sad. A colleague wanted to buy a Rs 10, phone a couple of days ago and he sought advice.

Internet and the “Long Tail vs. Superstar effect” debate: Evidence from the French Book Market

All the phones that I thought were good buy for him were only available on e-retail sites. Even if a few of them were supposed to be in the offline shops the availability was non-existent.

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This person needed the phone urgently, immediately and from a brick-and-mortar shop. He ended up buying an Oppo phone, which was good but not the kind of device that could compete with the Redmis or Motos. Also Read: Yu Yunicorn quick review: Slick design is the cool factor.

Yu Yunicorn is just another phone online, but can be a superstar offline

This is where the Yu Yunicorn comes into the picture. At its price point -- the MRP is going to be Rs 13, for the offline shops -- the Yunicorn is a fantastic phone in its category. The tough competition that it faces in the online is not there in the offline stores.


The Offline Superstar - Kindle edition by Vanessa Reece. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Even in economic crisis, businesses need people to market their products and services online, and they need people like you to do this for them. The Offline.

It doesn't still make it all right for the offline consumers. From the play menu, you can now target a specific pass rusher to double team.

While this can be bluffed on running plays and play-action, it will only assign a double team on dropback passing plays. As has been the case in recent years, EA is updating player likenesses post-release.

The first set of updates include the following players and coaches:. Bryan Wiedey of Sporting News caught a glimpse of some of the more prominent people who received an update:.

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There are a ton of new changes to the gameplay, but the biggest by far is the nerfing of fumbles. This part of the game was out of control, in my opinion, and in the first few weeks of release, it was damaging my experience.

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While this tuning will decrease some of the frustrations around fumbles and stiff arms globally, this is just the first step in a series of planned updates that will bring more exact situational tuning. A similarly useful counter to the stiff-arm move is the cut stick tackle, which can be activated by flicking down on the tackle stick. This is just the highlights of the update.