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When Sarah was 13, her younger sister Angelina was born, and the two remained the closest of friends throughout their lives. South Carolina law barred teaching slaves to read, but Sarah chafed at the idea that the slaves were forced to hear the Gospel from others rather than read it for themselves.

She rebelled in secret, teaching her handmaid, a slave, to read at night until her father caught her. The sisters both questioned slavery and desired equality for men and women, but it was not until Sarah traveled to Philadelphia that the sisters felt there was anything they could do as young women.

Angelina joined Sarah in , and the sisters became active members in the Society of Friends. Within a year, Angelina issued her most famous pamphlet, titled "Appeal to the Christian Women of the South," urging white Southern women to help end the scourge of slavery:. The sisters' public speaking and involvement in the political sphere drew condemnation from religious leaders and traditionalists who did not believe that it was a woman's place to speak in public.

Sandustee: The Search for the Nazarene's Code

Douglass rejected all biblical justifications of slavery after living under the cruel institution himself. Born in Maryland in , his master's wife taught Douglass to read at a young age, and Douglass shared this knowledge with other slaves, encouraging them to read the New Testament and interpret Jesus Christ's message of equality. Garrison encouraged the young Douglass to become an anti-slavery lecturer. Speaking before packed houses in Great Britain and America, Douglass attacked Christianity for not only permitting the continuation of slavery but also encouraging its expansion: "The church and the slave prison stand next to each other.

Located close to the border of the slave state Kentucky, the city of Cincinnati gave Stowe direct exposure to the institution of slavery. She visited Kentucky and witnessed slavery firsthand.

What the hell's happening in The Happening?

When Stowe and her husband Calvin Eillis Stowe discovered that their house servant, Zillah, was a former slave, the couple helped her to escape to Canada. In , the Stowes moved to Brunswick, Maine. That same year, Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Law, which enabled slave owners to reclaim their runaway slaves who had escaped to Northern states. She also drew on her own personal experience as a mother.

Her son Charlie had died in the summer of Four years after his death, she wrote to a friend:. In the United States, Stowe's work galvanized anti-slavery sentiment and aided the abolitionist cause. Born into slavery on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in , Harriet Tubman s remembered for challenging stereotypes of race, gender and class. As a child, she learned Bible stories from her mother, finding inspiration in the Exodus narrative and rejecting the admonitions for slaves to obey their masters.

She would later become known as "Moses" for her work as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, leading slaves North to freedom.

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As a teenager, Tubman suffered a traumatic head injury that would cause a lifetime of seizures, along with powerful visions and vivid dreams that she ascribed to God. She would rely on these visions first in planning her own escape from slavery and later, when leading others to freedom in the North. In , Tubman plotted her escape. By night, she followed the North Star and relied on the Underground Railroad, a network of free blacks and white abolitionists, including members of the Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers. She arrived in Philadelphia and later recalled: "When I found that I crossed that line, I looked at my hands to see if I was the same person.

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There was such glory over everything; the sun came like gold through the trees, and over the fields, and I felt like I was in Heaven. She soon returned to Maryland to lead members of her family to freedom. Repeatedly returning to the South, she led approximately 70 people to safety. During the Civil War, she worked for the Union as a cook, nurse, laundress, scout and spy. To make money, she sold homemade pies and root beer. In , she led a group of black soldiers and scouts on surveillance missions along the Southeastern seaboard and worked with Col.

James Montgomery to lead a raid on the Combahee River in South Carolina in which slaves were freed. Despite her service to the Union cause, she received no pay or compensation. Harriet Tubman died in Just before her death, she told those gathered around her, "I go to prepare a place for you. Prominent Congregational minister, abolitionist and social reformer, Henry Ward Beecher embodied the transition of American Protestantism from stern Calvinism to a buoyant "gospel of love.

Religion pervaded every aspect of Henry's childhood: Church attendance, daily prayer and hymn singing were obligatory. His Sunday sermons drew the rich and famous. Abraham Lincoln commented that no one in history had "so productive a mind. Beecher taught the power of Christ's love: "It is Love the world wants. Higher than morality, higher than philanthropy, higher than worship, comes the love of God. That is the chiefest thing.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Honorable Mention - New York Book Festival A Great Read! The Other Side of Hell (Emerson Moore) - Kindle edition by Bob Adamov . Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. In a mysterious German raider from Hitler's pirate fleet disappears in the Caribbean. Years later, a Soviet frigate sinks off Grand Cayman Island. A tragedy .

Deeply attuned to the progressive intellectual and social currents of the day, Beecher believed that religion must adapt to changing times. He extolled temperance, embraced women's suffrage and argued that Darwin's theory of evolution was compatible with the Bible. Beecher also advocated abolition. But his liberal sentiments did not extend to the working class. In his famous "Bread and Water" sermon, he proclaimed, "Men cannot live by bread alone, but the man who cannot live on bread and water is not fit to live.

Born in , Nat belonged to the Turners, white gentry who owned a prosperous farm.

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The Turners were attracted to Methodism, with its appealing message of free will and individual salvation. Determined that their slaves should have the chance to be saved, the Turners held prayer services and allowed their slaves to attend the local chapel on Sundays.

Sandustee: The Search for the Nazarene's Code

As a child, Nat was encouraged by his owner, Benjamin Turner, to read and study the Bible. According to Nat's version of his life story, many recognized from his earliest years that Nat Turner was "intended for some great purpose," certain that one day he would be a prophet. Nat studied the Old Testament, committing long passages to memory and heeding the words of the prophets. Working in the fields, he heard a voice call to him and became convinced that he had been chosen to carry out a divine mission. He began to exhort his fellow slaves, promising them that something big would happen one day.

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Then came the visions: black and white spirits engaged in battle; the Savior with arms outstretched; drops of blood on corn; leaves with hieroglyphic characters and numbers. Finally he understood the meaning of the signs: "The Savior was about to lay down the yoke he had borne for the sins of men, and the great day of judgment was at hand. Moving on, they hacked, stabbed, bludgeoned and shot approximately 60 unarmed white men, women and children.

His men were eventually killed or captured. A disgusted Queenie willingly turns Delphine over to Marie. One evening, a man assaults Queenie in the desolate part of New Orleans. She picks up a board with nails in it and drives it into her own hand, making him bleed, then whacks him with it for good measure. Madison and Zoe find her and ask her to come back. Queenie says Marie Laveau set her straight about them not being her true friends and that she is working with the Voodoo faction now. Madison taunts her, pointing out that even if Fiona slit her throat, Madison still stays for the Coven while Queenie left just because she was feeling left out.

Zoe says that a new Supreme is rising, and Queenie mocks her, asking if Zoe thinks it's her since Fiona had also lied and told Queenie it could be her. Queenie proceeds to take the beating heart of the man, explaining to the witches that Marie needs a dark heart to make a potion to give Queenie more powers, and the man had raped three schoolgirls already. She tells them that witchcraft and voodoo are too big to both fit in New Orleans, and they are both on the losing side of the upcoming war. Queenie later makes Delphine watch a video on how black people were treated and she leaves her.

Queenie comes back again and puts on another video. Queenie is shot in the gut by Hank in an assault on Cornrow City, but she has the presence of mind to stop the attack by focusing her power on Hank and shooting herself in the mouth. Whether or not she survived her wounds, both of which were inflicted by blessed bullets, is yet to be determined. She has also reattached Delphine's severed head and hand back on her body without any scars as Kyle remarks.

Cordelia goes to talk to Queenie, who tells Cordelia her belief that she is the next Supreme as she was not killed by the blessed bullet that she was shot with. Queenie is later seen talking to Fiona about supremcy. Fiona then starts to choke her and tells her to leave. Queenie preforms a voodoo ritual and goes to Hell were she meets Papa Legba. Queenie then goes back to the world where she tells Legba that she wants answers. Queenie visits Delphine who is now the tour guide of her house where she also killed the other tour guide. Queenie then murders Delphine in response.

Cordelia has a vision that all the girls, including Queenie, were killed by Fiona. Queenie later finds Misty and takes her home. Queenie is also seen when Madison and Misty are fighting and the they all kill the Axeman for killing Fiona. Queenie is later seen looking at the picture of Fiona with the others.

Queenie is seen making a shrine for Nan and getting a good luck from Stevie Nicks. Queenie is seen eating caviar with the others for their "Last Supper" for some of them. Queenie masters Telekinies and Concilium by first getting hit by Misty and then pulling Misty's hair. Queenie also masters Descenum going to Hell and back. Queenie then plays tag with Zoe and Madison making her master Transmutation by transporting but she is not supreme because she could not bring Zoe back.

Queenie is seen with Cordelia mastering the Seven Wonders making Cordelia supreme. Queenie is seen once more burning Myrtle at the stake and then saying yes to being one of the witchs of the council by Cordelia. She is last seen showing the new witches who is supreme.

In , Cordelia enchants Queenie's ticket for the Price is Right, magically ensuring that she will win big. While in Los Angeles, Queenie checks into the Hotel Cortez and is unhappy with her room, describing an intense feeling of "bad juju", which deeply unsettles her. She asks the hotel manager, Iris , if she can change her room, but is informed that there are no refunds. While freshening up in the restroom, Ramona Royale jumps out from behind the shower curtain, hungering for the witch's blood.

Just as Queenie is about to use her power to finish Ramona off, James March appears and stabs Queenie with a knife, as her magic is unable to have any effect on ghosts. Ramona then drinks a wounded Queenie's blood to rejuvenate herself, killing the latter. Not long after Queenie went missing, Cordelia went to the Hotel Cortez in order to save her and found her ghost playing cards with her killer, James March.

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March tells Queenie that he is very glad he killed her, as she's the only one in the hotel who's worth playing. He travels to the location and is able to emerge with Queenie intact, to the lament but not surprise of March. After Langdon also saves Madison from her personal hell, Queenie asks him why he rescued them, and he says he needs the two to prove a point.

As they exit the building, in the distance, they see Michael, accompanied by resurrected witches Queenie and Madison. Upon seeing them, Cordelia is shocked and collapses to the ground and as all her fellow witches rush towards her, Langdon rejoices. Cordelia, unconscious at the Hawthorne School, envisions a terrible future of the post-apocalyptic Miss Robichaux's Academy in ruins and when she awakes, she reunites with Queenie and Madison, hugging them.

Later, Cordelia reveals the vision to the warlocks and allows Michael Langdon to participate in the Test of the Seven Wonders. Queenie and Madison settle at the Academy, once again.

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He co-founded the American Anti-Slavery Society and supported the admittance of women to the organization. Remember, you were young once. Catherine: But I must. He accepts as being good: to preserve life, to promote life, to raise to its highest value life which is capable of development; and as being evil: to destroy life, to injure life, to repress life which is capable of development. Hicks will you tell the court your reasons for believing Emerson to be worthy of futurity? The real thing only made the story more exciting. Lecky, European Morals.

After Misty is brought back from Hell by Michael, Queenie welcomes her as well as an overjoyed Cordelia. Queenie is among the audience while Stevie Nicks serenades to Misty to help her heal. Mallory asks when the new Supreme will rise and Zoe explains that a new Supreme rises only when the old one dies.

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Coco comes running down the stairs in excitement because she's discovered a new power: Calorie Detection. Zoe congratulates her because her powers are growing. They make her name the calories for all sorts of foods, which she successfully does, and Queenie brings out a half-eaten Sno Ball. Once Coco correctly tells her the calorie count, she eats the calorie sno ball and starts to choke, freaking both Queenie and Zoe out.

Coco collapses onto the floor and dies. Mallory calmly kneels next to her and uses her magic to open her throat and remove the sno ball, then brings her back. Zoe is shocked because she's never seen this kind of magic done by a witch before. Queenie, along with the other girls and Behold, is present during the dinner when Cordelia says they are celebrating because this might be the last time that they are all together. Cordelia tells them that now that they are united and prepared; it's time to fire the first shot.

They find John Henry's ashes with the help of Zoe and resurrect him with the help of Mallory. They are set on fire by the Albino servants and burn before everyone's eyes.