The Seventh Secret

Seventh Secret
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THE SEVENTH SECRET : by Irving Wallace (Dutton: $; pp.) - Los Angeles Times

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The Seventh Secret is a novel by Irving Wallace using an alternate history of Adolf Hitler having survived World War II. Start by marking “The Seventh Secret” as Want to Read: Emily Ashcroft goes to Berlin where her father died under mysterious circumstances while finishing his biography on Hitler. Irving Wallace was an American bestselling author and screenwriter.

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The Seventh Secret Embed. The painting depicting a Nazi building shows the image of a renovation dated from How could this supposedly authentic Hitler painting show the building as it was seven years after his supposed death? Levine helps the four of them by discovering that Hitler and Eva Braun used body doubles to attend functions in their place and who resembled them very closely.

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Could the Hitler and Eva doubles have been the ones who really died in the bunker? Rex discovers through a former Nazi bunker architect that Hitler had seven bunkers, though only six were known. He discovers that the seventh bunker adjoins the bunker in which Hitler supposedly died. He searches for a secret passage that leads from Hitler bedroom to a seventh bunker in a hidden passage previously built by Jewish slaves who were later killed by Hitler.

As Foster finds and goes through the secret passage to the seventh bunker where Emily Ashcroft is held captive; the bunker is located directly beneath the Cafe Wolf. Eva Braun is still alive and sleeping is the adjacent room. Rex asks Emily to escape and he later drugs Eva who is living under the name Evelyn Hoffman with a truth drug.

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Braun admits that she and Hitler used their doubles at the time of their claimed death, and had been living in this bunker, escaping the Soviet Red Army after they raided the bunker complex. Eva stated the real Hitler died in , and since that time she had been leading the over fifty Nazis left in the secret bunker and that they would rise once again.


This occurring when Nazis were strong enough and after the Americans and Soviets destroyed each other. Eva Braun also revealed the secret that she and Hitler had a child before he died. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. By clicking on "Submit" you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Email Newsletter.

THE SEVENTH SECRET : by Irving Wallace (Dutton: $17.95; 370 pp.)

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